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ACLU 'Thrilled' to Kill Voter ID in Arkansas

Arkansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law

The ACLU's Vote Fraud Campaign

Ex-Arkansas Legislator Sentenced for Vote Fraud

Former Arkansas Legislator Sentenced in Vote Fraud Case

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ACLU 'Thrilled' to Kill Voter ID in Arkansas | 10/21/14

Reacting to the Arkansas Supreme Court's ruling declaring the state's voter-identification law unconstitutional, ACLU of Arkansas Legal Director Holly Dickson said her group is "thrilled."

Well, why not. They've been at it all over the country, trying to take down voter ID laws and enrich the ground that can yield a bumper crop of vote fraud.

The unanimous decision on Oct. 15 upheld a lower court ruling and will affect early balloting, which began Monday, Oct. 20. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 4.

The Republican-controlled state legislature enacted the fraud-prevention law in 2013 over a veto by Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe. The justices ruled that the law requiring all voters to present government-issued photo identification, "imposes a requirement that falls outside" four qualifications outlined in the state constitution: A voter must be a U.S. citizen, an Arkansas resident, 18 years old and registered to vote.

Providing proof that voters are, indeed, who they say they are, a requirement that the American Civil Rights Union and more than 70 percent of the public strongly supports, is too high a hurdle, according to the ACLU.

Ms. Dickson called the law "an unconstitutional barrier that has already stolen legitimate voting rights." When clerks ask to see an ID before selling beer, are they "stealing legitimate drinking rights?"

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Arkansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law | 10/16/14

In a ruling that could affect a key U.S. Senate race, the Arkansas Supreme Court on Wednesday declared the state's voter-identification law unconstitutional.

The unanimous decision, which upheld a lower court, came just days before early balloting begins Monday for the Nov. 4 election.

The justices ruled that Act 595, which required voters to show government-issued photo identification, "imposes a requirement that falls outside" the four qualifications outlined in the state constitution: A voter must be a U.S. citizen, an Arkansas resident, 18 years old and registered to vote.

The constitutional qualifications "simply do not include any proof-of-identity requirement," the majority wrote in its 20-page opinion.

The law, which took effect Jan. 1, was approved in April 2013 after the Republican-dominated Legislature overrode the veto of Gov. Mike Beebee, a Democrat.

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The ACLU's Vote Fraud Campaign | 05/01/14

The American Civil Liberties Union is at it again, throwing a log in front of the accelerating -- and widely supported -- campaign against vote fraud.

This time, the liberal group is asking for an injunction to block Arkansas from enforcing its new voter photo-ID law while the court considers the ACLU's lawsuit, which claims that the statute violates the Arkansas Constitution by suppressing minority voting.

As usual, the ACLU has managed to dig up several plaintiffs who claim harm for having to show a photo ID before voting. For the record, the ACLU has not filed lawsuits against airlines, banks, government agencies, beer and wine stores, and the U.S. Justice Department visitor's desk for requiring photo IDs, or against motorcycle cops who stop drivers and ask to see their licenses.

It's only when people are voting to choose who governs and taxes us that the ACLU generates nuisance lawsuits and false charges of racism.

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Primaries Offer First Test of New Voter ID Laws | 03/03/14

WASHINGTON (AP) -- In elections that begin this week, voters in 10 states will be required to present photo identification before casting ballots -- the first major test of voter ID laws after years of legal challenges arguing that the measures are designed to suppress voting.

The first election is March 4 in Texas, followed by nine other primaries running through early September that will set the ballot for the midterm elections in November, when voters decide competitive races for governor and control of Congress.

The primaries will be closely watched by both sides of the voter ID debate, which intensified in 2011, the year after Republicans swept to power in dozens of statehouses.

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Elections Will Test New Voter ID Law in Arkansas | 01/02/14

LITTLE ROCK -- Three special elections in January will test Arkansas' new voter ID law that took effect Wednesday.

On Jan. 14, voters in Craighead County will elect a state senator to replace Sen. Paul Bookout, who resigned in August after he was cited by the Arkansas Ethics Commission. Poll workers will be trained about the law before the election, Craighead County Election Commissioner Scott McDaniel told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

The voter-identification requirement was approved by the Legislature during the 2013 session. Previously, poll workers asked voters for identification but voters were not required to produce it before casting a ballot.

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Voting Machines Installed in All 75 Arkansas Counties | 12/09/13

Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin recently announced that the implementation of the state's photo-ID system is complete. The Secretary of State's office provided Voter ID systems to each of Arkansas's 75 counties, allowing each county clerk's office to produce photo identification cards at no charge for voters who don't have them.

"This project has put counties in compliance with the requirements of Act 595 of 2013. It also provides additional integrity to our electoral system," Martin said.

Act 595 requires that, as of Jan. 1, 2014, voters show photographic proof of identity.

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Ex-Arkansas Legislator Sentenced for Vote Fraud | 07/17/13

LITTLE ROCK - A judge has sentenced a former east Arkansas legislator convicted of election fraud to three years of probation, including nine months of home confinement.  Former Democratic Rep. Hudson Hallum pleaded guilty in September, along with his father and two campaign workers to charges of bribing voters and using absentee ballots to commit fraud in the 2011 election for his seat. He was sentenced on June 20.

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Former Arkansas Legislator Sentenced in Vote Fraud Case | 06/24/13

LITTLE ROCK -- A former Arkansas lawmaker and his father were each sentenced June 20 to three years of probation, including nine months of home detention, and fined for conspiring to commit election fraud in a scheme that included destroying ballots and exchanging money and food for votes.

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Arkansas Lawmakers Override Veto of Voter ID Law | 04/10/13

LITTLE ROCK -- Arkansas legislators passed a law on April 1 requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls, overriding Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe's veto of the bill, which he called an expensive solution to a non-existent problem.

The Republican-led state House voted 52-45, largely along party lines, to complete an override that started in the GOP-controlled Senate on a 21-12 vote last week. Only a simple majority was needed in each chamber.

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Editorial: Securing the Ballot | 04/01/13

Nothing is quite so implausible as a Democrat claiming he's against something because it's "too expensive." Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe says he vetoed a prospective law requiring voters to show identification before casting a ballot because it would cost $300,000.

Nearly three dozen other states are still solvent after adopting similar voter-ID laws. On Tuesday, Virginia became the latest, with Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell's signature on a voter-ID bill that takes effect in November 2014.

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Photo ID Bill Goes to Arkansas Governor | 03/25/13

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- Arkansas lawmakers gave final approval on March 19 to legislation that would require voters to show photo identification before casting a ballot, sending the Republican-backed measure to Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe's desk.

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