ACRU's Action Plan to Protect Ballot Box Integrity

As Americans, our right to vote and to have it count is our most essential civil right because it gives us — We the People — the power to decide who governs our country.

Over the last 10 years, vote fraud convictions or prosecutions have occurred in 46 states. At the same time, liberal media and government officials continue to falsely characterize efforts to protect election integrity and the registration process as "suppressing" the minority vote.

The Obama Administration, which should be enforcing the portion of the 1993 Motor Voter Law that requires states to maintain accurate voter rolls, instead has sued states that are cleaning up their lists and eliminating ineligible voters or requiring photo IDs to vote.

The American Civil Rights Union is doing the job that the Justice Department should be doing but has refused to do — ensuring the integrity of voter registrations. The ACRU is the only organization to sue counties successfully that have more registered voters than voting age-eligible residents. We have already won several court-approved consent agreements for counties to clean up their voter rolls, and are aiming for many more.

Our immediate goal is to prevent significant vote fraud this year by getting as many problematic counties as possible under federal court oversight. Our long-term goal is to establish through the courts the legal requirements for counties to maintain accurate voter rolls and continue to apply pressure for counties to do so nationwide.

The ACRU is also working alongside conscientious secretaries of state and citizen activists who are fighting back to ensure the integrity of our elections.

The ACRU urges all states to take common-sense action to help prevent vote fraud by:

  • Requiring a photo ID to vote in person;
  • Requiring proof of U.S. citizenship when registering to vote; and
  • Requiring signature verification and an acceptable proof of ID when voting by mail.

The Election Integrity Defense Project is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use website about voting. With a single click, you can find out what your state laws require, get the latest news on vote fraud and prevention efforts, and find out how you can help protect your vote.

The stakes couldn't be higher! If we lose faith that our votes actually count in choosing who governs us, it will spell the end of our 240-year experiment as a self-governing republic.