Action Plan to Protect Ballot Box Integrity

As Americans, our right to vote and to have it count is our most essential civil right because it gives us — We the People — the power to decide who governs our country. To ensure free and fair elections, the American Civil Rights Union is advocating passage of strong voting integrity laws in all states. We are also preparing to litigate in counties where the number of registered voters exceeds the number of legal residents eligible to vote.

Close elections have awakened us to the vital importance of protecting the integrity of the ballot box. Since the 2010 elections, 15 states have put common-sense laws in place to help prevent cheating — but too many have not. In 2011, measures requiring photo ID were approved in 14 states, but five were vetoed by liberal governors.

This flurry of activity came on the heels of verified reports of vote fraud during 2010 in Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey and other states. Since the 2012 election, persistent reports of vote fraud have surfaced in a number of key states, including Pennsylvania, Virginia and Colorado. In Ohio, the Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Board of Elections is investigating 19 possible cases of alleged voter fraud. A polling official admitted to a news crew that she voted twice and may have voted as many as six times. In Florida, on behalf of, new ACRU Policy Board member J. Christian Adams has filed a lawsuit over the way election officials handled ballots and recounts in the narrow defeat of Tea Party favorite Rep. Allen West.

Over the last 10 years, vote fraud convictions or prosecutions have occurred in 46 states.

At the same time, liberal media and government officials continue to falsely characterize efforts to protect election integrity and the registration process as "suppressing" the minority vote. The U.S. Justice Department under Eric H. Holder Jr. even ordered a halt to new photo ID laws in South Carolina and Texas, and is threatening other states as well.

The Obama Administration, which has refused to enforce portions of the 1993 Motor Voter Law that require states to clean up their voter rolls, has instead interfered with states such as Florida that are cleaning up their rolls by eliminating ineligible voters. Further, the Administration has engaged in an effort to promote so-called "universal voter registration," which is better described as "mandatory registration" or "automatic registration," which makes the election process more vulnerable to vote fraud.

Meanwhile, conscientious secretaries of state and citizen activists are fighting back to ensure the integrity of our elections.

The ACRU urges all states to take common-sense action to help prevent vote fraud by:

  • Requiring a photo ID to vote in person;
  • Requiring proof of U.S. citizenship when registering to vote; and
  • Requiring signature verification and an acceptable proof of ID when voting by mail.

The Election Integrity Defense Project is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use website about voting. With a single click, you can find out what your state laws require, get the latest news on vote fraud and prevention efforts, and find out how you can help protect your vote.

The stakes couldn't be higher! If we lose faith that our votes actually count in choosing who governs us, it will spell the end of our 237-year experiment as a self-governing republic.