About the Project

As Americans, our most precious civil right is our right to vote and to have our vote count. All of our other constitutional rights depend on this.

But today, that right is under siege by forces out to weaken and destroy our ability to hold free and fair elections. If we lose confidence in our electoral process, it will spell the end of America's 236-year experiment as a self-governing republic.

Over the last few years, we have seen a jump in the number of closely-decided elections - some so close that a fairly small number of illegally cast votes have denied victory to the true winner.

How did we get here? Simple. Groups on the Left — ACORN and more recently the SEIU — have been busy at work for years to undermine America's electoral process. In the early 1990s, President Obama actually ran ACORN's Project Vote in Illinois. A newly-released Freedom of Information Act inquiry revealed that the political director of Project Vote has had high-level meetings with the Obama White House and Department of Justice officials.

The attempt to loosen ballot box integrity began in 1993, with the National Voter Registration Act ("Motor Voter"). That law, the very first signed by newly-elected President Clinton, required state motor vehicle bureaus to register anyone applying for a license (without proof of citizenship); offer mail-in registration with no proof of identity required; and prohibited government employees from challenging any newly registered voters. It also made it more cumbersome for states to purge from the voter registration rolls people who had died or moved to another state. Similarly, some states adopted election-day registration, loose absentee ballot rules or long periods of "early voting." The table was being set for vote fraud in a variety of ways.

But lately, many state governments have enacted reforms to ensure that the people voting are legally registered to do so — and vote only once. In fact, polling shows that public support for requiring voters to show photo ID is even higher than for motherhood and apple pie!

In 2011, all but 13 states considered some kind of anti-fraud election reform legislation, and several states adopted photo ID laws. Incredibly, these efforts to protect the ballot box and our voter registration process from tampering are being characterized as efforts to "suppress" the minority vote. The utterly false narrative coming from the Obama forces is getting more strident by the day with even former President Clinton equating photo ID laws with Jim Crow.

The stakes couldn't be higher. Given the gravity of the moment, we are calling on all Americans to do what they can to prevent vote fraud while ensuring that anyone legally entitled to vote can register and cast a ballot without hindrance.

The ACRU is taking action — we are advocating that states without ballot protections pass model language — quickly! And we have constructed this site as a non-partisan, one-stop shop about voting requirements and laws in every state, pending legislation, legal battles, news and commentary and suggestions for how you can help stop vote fraud.

Our fundamental freedoms are up for grabs unless each of us steps up and takes action. The Left knows that it can't win fairly conducted elections. It's your country — help save it!

Spread the word! Download and print this "Protect Your Vote" flyer to share. (PDF)